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People Integrated - Human Capital Management

Organisations are being pressured to be innovative and reduce costs in order to stay competitive in the digital era. Employees are one of the company's most expensive resources. That is why building teams (of existing employees and new-hires) with the right talent to take a business where it wants to go is as crucial as ever. The question is HOW? This article explains the importance of a thoroughly weighted recruitment decisions and what steps and techniques we use at People Integrated in Human Capital Consulting.

Luxury Brands - People Integrated x Mark Cross

What will the future look like for luxury goods as consumer behaviour changes? We wanted to look into the brand dynamics and digital opportunities within the luxury segment, especially within the newest consumers, the HENRYs. In collaboration with Ulrik Garde Due, CEO of Mark Cross since 2018, we set out to understand the necessity of new strategic considerations. Together we took a look into the future, where True Twins create digital passports for products and discuss how buzzwords such as transparency, authenticity and individualization have become inevitable.

Big City Consumer Trends - People Integrated x Rains

Big cities have long been the world’s economic dynamos, but the speed and scale of their expansion are unprecedented. To capture the opportunities that arise from urbanization, businesses will need extensive market intelligence. Armed with detailed information about relevant urban markets, companies need to allocate resources proactively and aggressively to capture the opportunities. A cluster-based strategy, which groups a set of cities together, can be one way that companies can streamline the highly complex urban picture that they face in many emerging economies, make their market entry most efficient, tailor their approach to locations at different growth stages. The Danish lifestyle brand, Rains, has engaged in such a strategy. We set out to learn more about their reflections in a dialogue with Jan Stig Andersen, CEO of Rains since 2017. 

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