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Retail and the New Normal

There is not one general description of how the events of this year have impacted the consumer sector. Many of the longer-term changes in consumer behaviour are still forming, giving companies an opportunity to help shape the next normal. So what can retailers and consumer-goods companies do to thrive in the new normal?

As we reevaluate space, texture, light, sound and smell should take center stage. Many of our strongest memories of places are not visual, but embodied in a feeling or mood, which can be translated into digital shopping formats. Even in small doses, a taste of adventure can be the secret sauce that makes one brand stand out — especially in luxury, where the power of the experience is directly correlated with brand perception.

Retail and Cluster Strategies

Cities have been the world’s economic dynamos for centuries, attracting skilled workers and productive businesses and benefiting from economies of scale. Urbanization and per capita GDP tend to move in close synch as countries develop. But what is different about today’s wave of mass urbanization is its unprecedented speed and scale.

Urbanization and industrialization continue to reshape the world’s economic order, creating a global consuming class that will be four billion strong by 2025. This report continues MGI’s urbanization research with a focus on understanding the global landscape for large companies—and how it will be reshaped by the rise of thousands of new corporate giants based in the emerging world.

The world is in the throes of a sweeping population shift from the countryside to the city. The global urban population is growing by 65 million annually. For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population is now living in towns and cities. Underpinning this transformation are the economies of scale that make concentrated urban centers more productive.