People Integrated on Sustainability

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Sustainability and Fashion

A Fashion Week will never be more sustainable than the participating brands. Copenhagen Fashion Week has made it part of their 2023-strategy to define a series of minimum requirements the participating brands must meet. The brand must answer an online survey consisting of more than 80 questions concerning different parts of the brand and strategy - for example, it is not enough to have a sustainable show if your production or production environment is not.

Sustainability and Packaging

Plastic beverage containers, candy wrappers, straws, shampoo bottles and shopping bags make their way into our oceans. Governments impose bans. Consumer goods companies and retailers whose businesses depend on plastics are under fire. Is the consumer plastics era coming to an end?

Sustainability and Human Capital Management

“People are at the core of business. They are your employees, customers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and neighbours” - their growth, prosperity and well-being is crucial to the success of your business. Therefore, companies should look into the possibilities of gaining competitive advantages through human and social capital management.