People Integrated was established in 2018 by founder Thomas Thorsen to offer superb Nordic expertise in this field with an international offset.

People Integrated offers Human Capital Consulting and Executive Search in an effort to maximize corporate output towards the defined company strategy.

Potential outcome from teaming up with People Integrated:

  • Consensus around your strategy on the executive level. One team, one goal.
  • A clear management overview – understanding the strategy, time alignment, strengths in interactions, opportunities and challenges.
  • Identifying biggest organizational impact areas on strategy and any related threats, weaknesses.
  • Ensure that time is prioritized for maximum impact in the executive leadership team.
  • A competence overview of your leadership team and their potential to master the strategic challenges ahead (Human Capital is defined through professional competencies, leadership capabilities and culture promoters).
  • Market-intelligence based guidelines for decision making.
  • A Human Capital Plan to proactively develop, relocate and replace.
  • An executive search to headhunt the right talent to execute your strategy.

contact us at any time if you would like to achieve some or all of the above.