Human Capital Consulting
Step 1: Clarify the weak-spots

Does the behavior of your leaders support the company’s strategy? And do the leaders have the best conditions for pursuing it?  

Relevant questions: 

  • How is the strategy pursued amongst your leaders? Are their behaviors aligned with the strategy and do they understand their specific role?
  • How are the leaders spending their time according to what accelerates the strategy and what holds it back?
  • Which part of the organization has the biggest direct impact on the strategy?
  • Who affects the strategy the most indirectly?
  • Do organizational conditions prevent leaders from staying on track?

You need to clarify how and if the company’s strategy and conditions are aligned with your leaders’ beliefs and behavior. This is crucial for long term success.

Identify any misalignment in your organization

Often a misalignment has little to do with abilities. You can have the most talented Sales Director, but if he does not have the same view of the company’s goals he will sprint in the wrong direction. And you can employ the best Chief of Logistics, but if the IT-system does not work she will not spend her time on creating value – which leads to poor performance.

So how do you know when your leaders and the company’s strategy are not aligned?

Look for behavioral signs like: 

  • Leaders are doubting how they should target their efforts to make a positive impact in alignment with the strategy.
  • It seems like leaders and managers work towards individual goals instead of a common purpose.
  • The company has lost traction in reaching important strategic milestones.
  • Meetings proceed without agreeing on concrete actions and managers interfere with tasks that are not their responsibility.

Recognize any of the above? Then you need to clarify with an Organizational Chart.

Organizational ImpactChart

Organizational Chart – a powerful tool to target your efforts and create a valuable impact

Through interviews, cross referencing and commercial analytics People Integrated is able to secure an objective Org-chart indicating the biggest weak-spots based on strategy impact.

The Org-chart serves as a focus-tool to pursue alignment and finally:
Ensure consensus around the strategy on the executive level. One team, one goal.

  • Create a clear management overview – understanding the strategy, time alignment, strengths in interactions, opportunities and challenges.
  • Identify biggest organizational impact areas on strategy and any related threats, weaknesses.
  • Ensure that time is prioritized for maximum impact in the executive leadership team.

Often the process of clarifying will identify the need to launch initiatives in the executive team such as creating clear communication around the strategy to their respective teams. And creating new or updating the existing Service Level Agreement.

After a clarification of organizational weak-spots you need to look deeper into the human capital and assess the competencies of each leader. This is step 2 in our Human Capital Consulting.